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lmao so if anyone doesnt know i work at a western store like i sell cowboy boots and cowboy hats etc and we have a kids section and this woman came in and i was helping her and her little son bc he wanted his own lil pair of cowboy boots and he really wanted a red pair we have and she would not…


bury me in this or i will come back



Octopus eggs Photo credit: Simon Chandra

FUN FACT: These eggs are evil. Octopus babies are evil. Let me tell you why. The octopus mother lays her eggs in a cave roof and spends 6 months guarding them from potential predators and swaying the eggs with her tentacle so they get oxygen. This means she doesn’t eat or sleep until they hatch. When the octopus babies hatch, she dies from fatigue and starvation. THEN THEY FUCKING EAT HER. THEY EAT THEIR MOTHER WHO DIED BECAUSE SHE WAS LOOKING AFTER THEM. THEY. EAT. HER.

This sounds like what my mother said i did to her



when i was a kid i thought herpes was a greek god

is this a macklemore lyric


Key & Peele have some tips for attending a gay wedding in this new sketch from the Season Four premiere, airing tonight after South Park.


I almost scrolled past this
I fucking almost scrolled past this


i am slowly transforming into hagrid send help